Thursday, 29 October 2009

Getting Pickled!

This morning I have achieved another first. No, I haven't walked on the moon or discovered a cure for the common cold. But I have pickled my first onions, well Philip and I did them. Philip is a pickling veteran but this is my maiden voyage in the world of pickling. The house smells of vinegar and onions and so do my hands.
It may seem silly to some , but I have a wonderful sense of achievement and pleasure from my morning's work. I am easily pleased.
What makes this all the more pleasurable is that our pickles will be given as gifts at Christmas (sorry I know it is very early to be thinking about Boxing day Eve.)
Usually I refuse to even think about the festive season untill December is upon us, but this year I am excited already and it's still October. We have decided to hand make all the gifts we will give to our friends and family. I have always wanted to do this and we have some great ideas. What I like about this kind of giving is that each gift will be personalised to the friend or family member. Which means we spend a lot of time thinking about each of our loved ones and their interests or personality. It's fun and reinforces my appreciation of them all. I am blessed with great friends and a wonderful family.


  1. I enjoyed every minute of it, can't wait for you to introduce me to something new!

    Philip x x

  2. Sweetie, there is nothing new to which i can introduce you, you seem to have done it all. But thanks for your comment. x

  3. Dear Julie,
    What's this? You haven't walked on the moon or discovered a cure for the common cold? Well, you're still my friend, anyway.
    I'm glad you have had a bit of a pickling session. Although, personally, I'd rather be put in a room full of moaning old gits; rather than eat a pickled onion. I know, that can be arranged:-)
    Glad you have noted it is now called 'Boxing Day Eve' by miserable old farts like me:-)
    Seriously, Julie, a very positive blog and I look forward to more of your adventures, pickled or otherwise.
    Warm wishes, Gary x

  4. I think what you're done is wonderful! I too have had great fun putting up green pappers and tomatoes from my garden. It's so "earthy" and healthy. Oh, Baking soda removes the smell quickly.
    Great story! xx

  5. Thanks for the tip, Dixie, I will definately try it. X

  6. Gary, you soon will be in a room with moaning old gits, see you soon. X