Monday, 19 October 2009

As a woman of a certain age I find my memory lets me down more and more each day. I frequently find the washing up liquid in the fridge or the milk in the cleaning cupboard!!! I often forget names of people I see quite regularly. But isn't it strange how I can recall the names of classmates from 45 years ago and relive, in graphic detail, some of the things we used to get up to?
I recently found an old primary school friend through Friends Reunited. I started school with Lynn at the very tender age of four and a half and went through primary, junior and grammar schools with her. We were not always star pupils but we had some fun! Reminiscing about our childhood makes me smile and indeed laugh aloud at times. The memories come flooding back in technicolour. Name after name pops into my head and I can see the faces so clearly. I am that little girl again.

So why is it that my short term memory is so bad at times but childhood memories so clear? Alas, i think I know the answer... AGE. It gets us all in the end. But I for one will not give in without a fight! I intend to grow old disgracefully, kicking and fighting all the way. I may lose my teeth, my hair and my faculties but I will not lose my love of life, my free spirit nor my childlike ways.
I was Young in name when born and I am Young at heart still and always will be.

Now what was I saying? What was who saying? Where am I?


  1. Hello..ah um..oh yeah, hello Julie,
    My name name is... Gary.
    I have heard about folks reaching a certain age and having um what is it called? Oh yeah, short term memory loss.
    Seriously, I think that those childhood memories are so deeply ingrained in our minds; that we can recall them so clearly. You are drawing of those memories you shared with your friend Lynn. I know that the recollection of those times has made you smile and laugh. That is so good.
    Stay young at heart, Julie. The milk should ideally go in the fridge and the washing up liquid is best left by the sink.
    Right then, whose blog is this and why am I commenting? :-)

  2. Hi Julie,
    I agree with Gary, childhood memories are deeply ingrained. More over I believe that childhood memories are so enduring because the are all about the way our minds were formed, the makings of the adults we now are. I have fond memories of my childhood friends, alas they must also have the same of me, I can never seem to get an answer!!

    Philip X X