Sunday, 26 July 2009

"Life is like a box of chocolates" according to Mrs. Gump, and i have to say i do share her sentiment. I love chocolate and delving into a big box of Dairy Milk or Thortons is an adventure for me. Most chocolate assortments do contain a thing to show you just what delights are at the centre of each little sweetie: but do we always want to know what we are getting before we bite? Not me. I have not always had the courage to "suck it and see" but in recent times i find life and chocolates much more interesting when i do just that. How will i know if i like something if i don't try it? Ok, if i had a nut allergy i would check before i ate, i don't believe in deliberate foolhardiness.

My life has changed dramatically in the last few months, and it hasn't all been a bed of roses. There have been some major upheavals and some pretty traumatic events. Sometimes i have been stressed to the point of distraction. There have been tears, raised voices, long stoney silences and utter frustration. These are the hard toffee centres, the soft, sickly stawberry creams in the box. I could make a note of what these chocolates look like so that next time i can avoid them. But where is the fun, the adventure in that?

Also over these last months, i have experienced happiness, laughter, excitement and love beyond anything i have known before. These are my hazlenut whirls, my coffee creams and turkish delights. I could eat just these centres i like so much, but without the over sweet, the too hard toffee and the bitter dark chocolate the box would be in complete, false and contrived. Life is not meant to be like that.

I am learning so much by trying things, and yes, sometimes i don't like what i get, but how will i know if i don't try? Life is an adventure and i am enjoying being part of it. I learn new things every day, about other people, about the world and about myself.

Viva la vida loco!!!!!!