Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Two years ago I embarked on a journey which opened my eyes to the wonders of life. A new relationship with a beautiful man ( yes a man can be described as beautiful) with a passion for the miracles of nature, all things edible ( and believe me, with Philip, most things are edible!) and talking about himself and his life experiences.

I discovered a childlike joy in everything. We walked in forests, on beaches, round lakes, through fields, up hills and down dales. I learned about wildlife, flora and forna alike. We picked wild mushrooms and wood sorell. I learned to tell the difference between the tracks made by a fox, a deer or a rabbit, to recognise birds and their song.

We would often lay on our backs and look up at the sky discussing clouds by day and stars by night.

I remember one particular wonderful day when I discovered rock pools on the beach, I was completely mesmerised by the abundance of life within. Little limpets, mussels, jelly fish and the most amazing sea urchins in all the colours of the rainbow!

Yesterday I realised that I had lost the art of "seeing". I have been unwell for some time now and fallen into the trap of becoming overwhelmed by life's problems. This last week has been particularly difficult and I just about hit rock bottom. Not a nice experience but, I believe a necessary one. I have been in a dark place, there seemed to be no light to look towards. I now know that there was light but I had given up looking for it. I had lay down defeated.

Thankfully, with help and support and the knowledge that I have people who love me, I have found a light to follow. There are the stirrings of a new beginning within me. All life is nothing short of a miracle and my life is precious. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to witness the wonders in our world. I just forgot for a while.


  1. It is said that life is about the journey, not just the destination. Travelling through the wonders of nature isn't always easy, sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines and at others the climb can be cruel. But whatever happens it is transitory, tomorrow is always anpther day.
    may your journey continue for as long as you live.
    Philip x x

  2. Dear Julie,
    And thus you will see again. And the visions will not be of black and white and shades of grey. No, you will see, once again, in vibrant colours and be inspired to embrace all the positivity around you.
    In kindness, your friend, Gary xx

  3. Hi Gary,
    thanks for your comment. I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy every minute. I just forgot to look at things and feel the joy, but I know I will find it again.
    In love and peace dear friend, Julie. XXX