Monday, 19 July 2010

Good days, bad days.

Today was a good day. I walked round Durham City with Philip. Had lunch in a very pictuesque pub garden and strolled along the riverside in the summer rain.

I remembered all the good things in my life and am thankful for them all.

Tomorrow may be different..... but tomorrow is another day.


  1. Dear Julie,
    Staying focused and appreciating all the those wonderful moments in your life, shows how far you have come.
    Enjoy the now and tomorrow will be taken in stride.
    In peace and respect, your friend, Gary x

  2. Thanks Gary,
    keep smiling. X

  3. Hi Juliet. I followed you here via Klahanie's recommendation. It's a nice blog you have. I liked the article about Dungness. (I'm not too far away in Essex.)

  4. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog Bazza. I was born and brought up in Kent and I love Dungerness.

  5. I wish all your days could be good ones. That is for me I know, I love sharing those days and dread the bad ones.


  6. I'm sorry. But if we didn't have bad days then we might not really appreciate the good days. X