Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Making beds and raking it in.

So, we had the weekend off from the allotment, but today we hired a rotavator and got stuck in. You won't believe the difference it has made. We had an early start ( well early for us) and have managed to clear a sizable chunk of land for planting.

Unbelievably we unearthed yet more rusty metal and I really think there was an entire village buried there! So many bricks!

Having the allotment is a very social thing, every time we are there we have visits from fellow growers. We have been given lots of things to help us on our way and so much advice. Actually I think we are considered to be quite mad for taking on the plot. They are probably taking odds on how long it will be before we throw up our hands in defeat. Hear this fellow growers..... I will not be beaten!

So, ever the optimists, we have purchased 250 seed potatoes and will be planting them tomorrow. Apparently they will break up the soil and push up the weeds and rubbish from beneath. All hail the common spud!

Another job for tomorrow is to order a load of manure. Now you may find this strange but I am really looking forward to shovelling shit. Apologies for the language but it just doesn't have the same ring if I say shovelling manure.

We have both caught the sun, perhaps a little too much but there you go. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Lets hope for more sun, but I must remember the sun tan lotion.


  1. Hello Julie,
    Pardon my language but this blog had a load of serious shit in it.
    Have fun and soon your spuds will be sprouting out.
    Nice to know this has also turned into a social event. I'm so pleased there is more than one of you to clear the patch. You guys keep going and happy digging.
    Manure wishes, your way, Gary :-) x