Monday, 17 May 2010

Yesterday I was doing the dishes and gazing out the kitchen window, when I noticed a man walking with a dog. Nothing unusual there. But what breed of dog was it? I looked harder as he approached. Suddenly I got a clear vision of the "dog"...... it was in fact, not a dog but a tiny Shetland pony! I could not resist, I rushed out and cried to the poor unsuspecting man "Can I stroke him?" Bless the man , he stopped and allowed this crazy lady to fuss his little pony. I bombarded him with questions...."what kind of pony is he?" "How old is he?" "where do you keep him?" "Is he hard to care for?" He patiently answered all my questions before making his escape. He probably thought I was mad, but I cannot express the pure joy that the experience afforded me.

Of course, now, I really want one!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Julie,
    And it's those magical moments in our lives that make us appreciate all the positive moments on offer. Take very good care and keep smiling:-)
    Kind wishes, Gary x